Ron Ferdinand Part 1

”Blockhead”’s celebration of “Dennis the Menace” continues with Ron Ferdinand, longtime cartoonist of the “Dennis”  Sunday strip! Ron has a treasure trove of stories to tell about his years working with Hank Ketcham, about cartooning  and his work as standard-bearer for one of the longest-running and most popular comic strips in the world!

Marcus Hamilton

“Dennis the Menace” takes over “Blockhead”! The wonderful Marcus Hamilton, daily cartoonist of “Dennis the Menace”, is here to talk about Dennis, the Mitchells, Mr. & Mrs. Wilson, his career as a top-notch illustrator in the 1970s and how a  chance glimpse of a TV interview with Hank Ketcham revitalized his career and led him to a dream job drawing one of the most iconic characters in comics history.

Lynn Johnston Part 2

Part 2 of the Lynn Johnston interview! Lynn talks about her friendship with Charles Schulz and his response to Farley’s death, as well as  some of the many other groundbreaking( & sometimes heartbreaking) storylines in her long-running comicstrip,”For Better or For Worse”! 

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