Simon Beecroft and “The Peanuts Book” part 2

Simon Beecroft, author of the brand new, “The Peanuts Book: A Visual History of the Iconic Comic Strip” from DK publishing is here to continue our conversation about Charles Schulz and  Peanuts!

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Simon Beecroft and The Peanuts Book

It’s holiday time, and what better gift for the “Peanuts” lover  in your life than the brand new”The Peanuts Book” by Simon Beecroft from DK publishing! Simon joins us from London to talk about the book and everything “Peanuts”

Lex Fajardo 2020 Part 2

Part 2 of our latest discussion with Lex Fajardo, celebrating 70 years of Peanuts, the brand new “The Peanuts Book” and Lex’s new book, the latest in the Kid Beowulf series, “The Tarpeian Rock”!


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“The Tarpeian Rock”

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Lynn Johnston Part 2

Part 2 of the Lynn Johnston interview! Lynn talks about her friendship with Charles Schulz and his response to Farley’s death, as well as  some of the many other groundbreaking( & sometimes heartbreaking) storylines in her long-running comicstrip,”For Better or For Worse”! 

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