Kevin Mutch Part 1

Kevin Mutch, cartoonist behind the great new graphic novel from Fantagraphics,  “The Rough Pearl”  is here for a wide ranging discussion about Canada, comics, and the coming zombie apocalypse. Part 1 of a two-part interview. 

Ray Billingsley and Khalid Birdsong

A frank and timely round-table discussion about race, the Black Lives Matter movement and events in  the wake of the murder of George Floyd with the great Ray Billingsley of “Curtis” and Khalid Birdsong, cartoonist of the wonderful “Fried Chicken and Sushi”.  The conversation ranges far and wide, and you bet we talk lots about comics!

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Jan Eliot

This fall will mark 25 years in syndication for Jan Eliot’s warm and funny comicstrip, “Stone Soup”, about  two working-mom sisters living life and raising families just across the fence from each other! Jan’s here to help us celebrate in a relaxed, fun and engaging discussion about comics, cartooning, Charles Schulz,feminism, teaching and just about everything else