Khalid Birdsong Part 2

Travel to Japan with Geoff and Khalid Birdsong, cartoonist of “Fried Chicken and Sushi” in Part 2 of their globe-spanning interview about Khalid’s comics both here and there!


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Khalid Birdsong Part 1

Cartoonist Khalid Birdsong , of the wonderful comic  “Fried Chicken & Sushi”  on, is finally here! Geoff and Khalid talk about comics and Khalid’s two-year sojourn in Japan, the inspiration for the engaging world  of “Fried Chick & Sushi”!

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Lex Fajardo 2020 Part 2

Part 2 of our latest discussion with Lex Fajardo, celebrating 70 years of Peanuts, the brand new “The Peanuts Book” and Lex’s new book, the latest in the Kid Beowulf series, “The Tarpeian Rock”!


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“The Tarpeian Rock”

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Ray Billingsley and Khalid Birdsong

A frank and timely round-table discussion about race, the Black Lives Matter movement and events in  the wake of the murder of George Floyd with the great Ray Billingsley of “Curtis” and Khalid Birdsong, cartoonist of the wonderful “Fried Chicken and Sushi”.  The conversation ranges far and wide, and you bet we talk lots about comics!

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